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Thumb Butte Food Truck Festival

Food Trucks – What I Miss About LA

I love Prescott. I should have moved here years before I did.

But I do miss some things from living near Los Angeles.

Tito’s Tacos and Randy’s Donuts immediately come to mind.

Food Trucks

Another big thing that I miss is food trucks.

Yes, I’ve eaten off roach coaches for years and they were fine, but when the gourmet food truck trend hit a few years ago, I was enthralled.

Kogi Tacos started it all by offering Korean BBQ short rib tacos and burritos.

I mean, Korean tacos? What? They were amazing. Who knew that I would love kimchi on BBQ?

First Fridays

As more and more trucks started to appear, they started to gather.

One of the best was First Fridays in Venice. There was another one in Westchester.

Schedules were set. Habits were formed. Addictions took hold.

Some of my favorites, besides Kogi, was Nom Nom, where I found out what a Bahn Mi is and that I might actually like Vietnamese food.

I’ve eaten at two of the trucks in the photo above. India Jones was above average. Curry was good, but I wish it was spicier. LobstaTruck was also good, but Cousins Lobster Truck was better.

The Great Food Truck Race

Food TV created a TV show about food trucks. I knew some of the trucks on the show.

Ragin Cajun was a cafe I loved before it lost it’s lease. Cajun food is spicy, but in a good way. Red beans and rice, balanced against andouille sausage.

He became a food truck and entered the race on TV, where he became famous.

Gumbo soup poured over Jambalaya makes Gumbolaya!

We watched every episode of the show and tried to follow the local trucks as much as we could.

Grill ‘Em All did well on the show.

Where else can you get a cheeseburger where the top and bottom bun are grilled cheese sandwiches?

…Or the “Dee Snider” with Peanut butter, Strawberry Jam, Bacon, Sriracha. Really?

You can get food from food trucks that you can not get anywhere else on earth.

I need to take a moment as I write this just to settle down from thinking about it all. Wow.

Prescott’s Thumb Butte Food Truck Festival

Finally, someone is putting together a food truck festival in Prescott.

It’s called The Thumb Butte Food Truck Festival

Sept. 12, Noon to 7pm. Music and up to 18 trucks. Kids zones. $5 to enter.

Will it be as good as those trucks from LA?

Will it BE those trucks from LA?

I don’t know who the promoter is, or which trucks will be there, but I know that I’ll be there.

I will be at every truck, sampling everything I can get my hands on.

Moving from California to Prescott will be a little bit easier with food trucks.

I’m too excited. I need to go lay down for a while.